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What is the cost of registering and using the SOiiL soil matching web site ?

Currently there is no cost or fee to register and participate in SOiiL soil matching activities. Subject to the uptake and usage of SOiil, there may be at a future date cost recovery mechanisms put in place. All users will be advised should this be the case.

What makes SOiiL different from other web based sites that are currently being used to move soil in Ontario?

SOiiL is a free service that was created to promote the usage of currently being developed soil handling Best Management Practices (BMP's) in Ontario at both the regulatory level i.e. Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and within the construction industry i.e. Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO)

What is the "target audience" for SOiiL?

SOiil is "targeted" at the medium to larger development, soil hauling and construction company sectors involved in new infrastructure type work. Given the use of responsible use of BMP's and legal, regulatory and contractual requirements to be followed it is not ideally suited for smaller volume one-off residential type projects. SOiiL would be of particular interest and use by municipalities who want to encourage the environmentally responsible and cost effective reuse of excess soils within their jurisdictions.

What type of soil is intended to be handled through SOiiL?

Initially SOiiL will be focused on encouraging the economic and environmentally responsible exchange of "clean" excess soils between those properties with excess soil (donor sites) and those requiring soil (receiving sites). The definition of "clean" soil remains an area of uncertainty and subject to further definitional work in Ontario. Typically today "clean" soil is defined as fill material meeting Ontario MECP Table one, two or possibly three in terms of environmental chemical criteria and whose geotechnical integrity is suitable for the intended future land use to which it is being applied. The fundamental test is that excess soils be handled and relocated in a manner that causes no adverse effect in Ontario.