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The SOiiL website is intended to be a secure site for the sharing of soil related information. To ensure information remains secure users must register in advance with SOiiL and agree to comply with all Terms and Conditions found on the website

To register, you can either complete the Online User Registration Application or download and complete the User Registration Application Form and email the form to

Upon completion and submission of the SOiiL User Registration Form, applicants will be contacted by the SOiiL administrator within ten business days and advised if they have been successfully accepted as a SOiiL member and user.

Successful applicants will then be advised and provided the required information to establish their user access and security related information. Once registered, SOiiL users will then have access to soil information electronically. They will be able to submit their soil requirement information through either a Donor Site Submission Template or through a Receiving Site Submission Template. They will also have direct access to the Current Month Registry Table.